Todd Petriscak Memorial Garden

Todd Petriscak 

May 11, 1960-January 25, 2016 

Starting on May 2016 in an announcement made to commemorate Mental Health Awareness month. The first garden that we eventually build formerly known as our “pilot garden” will be named in memory of Founder and Executive Director Sean Brennan’s wonderfully loving and supportive friend Todd Petriscak who lost his on going battle with bipolar on Jan. 25, 2016.  

Todd and Sean both met and became fast friends while under excellent psychiatric care in an inpatient unit at Metropolitan Community Hospital. Todd became one of Brain Food Garden Projects' earliest champions. His support and council ultimately contributed to the concept of making Brain Food Garden Project a Peer lead organization and Sean’s going back to school to become a NYS certified Peer Advocate. Todd’s passion and understanding for Science also lead to our Phase 4 goal of raising money for future scientific research on the role the food we eat directly correlates with our mental health.