Our Future

Changing the Hospital Food System


Much like the Food Justice movement has worked hard to change the dialogue about the food our kids eat in our public schools. Brain Food Garden Project will seek to Cultivate and foster a sustainable dialogue within the hospital system 

to create more whole food/plant based menus for consumers.


  • Working with hospitals to create a more healthy and healing food system to fuel the bodies and minds of hospital consumers.
  • Working with hospital food vendors to connect with local farmers to supply the freshest most seasonal produce to hospital consumers.


Develop Brain Food Garden Project Gardens Outside Hospitals


Developing city space into community vegetable gardens to further feed the peer community while allowing them to use gardening as a wellness tool.


  • Many peers after reaching a certain milestone in their recovery find it activating or unproductive to continue seeking mental health services in the hospital environment. Creating secondary community gardens outside the hospital will allow for peers to continue being Brain Food Garden Farmers and cultivating food for themselves and their community.
  • To develop and work with community housing programs to add green spaces to their existing and future buildings. 


Support Our Returning Military Service Men & Women Through Gardening


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will continue to be a major battle fought by our men and women who served us so proudly. Many returning soldiers may never be able to work full-time jobs again. 


  • To work with other organizations in providing resources for returning service members willing to start their own green business by opening fruit stands in under served communities
  • Providing produce from Brain Food Garden Project hospital gardens, allowing returning service members to earn a living for their families while continuing to serve their communities



Promoting Scientific Research


Financially supporting scientific research that further advances a greater understanding of how the food we eat affects our brain health.


  • To provide grant money to scientists that have an interest in performing medical research focused on understanding the role food plays in mental health.
  • To work with outside organizations to provide the most impactful and accurate findings regarding food consumption and mental health in a timely and accurate fashion.