Our Mission



1.To create and grow urban rooftop vegetable gardens by peers for peers on free unused space in NYC hospitals as a tool for recovery and to advance and expand this idea across the country as well as abroad 

2.To educate peers on healthier eating habits through a myriad of peer to peer programming and group participation as well as through assisting in all aspects of cultivating the gardens from germination, growth, tending and the harvest

3.To promote eating seasonally through the utilization of the garden’s fruits and vegetables. By taking the product from the garden and creating a hospital community market. As well as providing a free CSA to peers in the mental health community to promote adding more fruits and vegetables to their daily diets. 

4.To create an outpatient volunteer program inviting former peers to return to the hospitals to maximize the therapeutic benefits of continuing to cultivate the rooftop gardens after discharge 

5.To financially assist and promote research programs that work to better understand and discover new insights on how food directly affects mental hygiene