Core Values

A Wellness Program Managed and Operated By Peers for Peers


  • Brain Food Garden Project is a peer managed program employing New York certified peers
  •  Brain Food Garden Project is guided by the peer core values of treating everyone with: Kindness, Dignity, Respect and Patience 
  • Brain Food Garden Project believes that gardening and eating healthier are just two more wellness tools peers can utilize for their recovery.
  • Brain Food Garden Project practices and promotes GRATITUDE through gardening as a core value and wellness tool and believes it is the foundation upon which the Todd Petriscak Memorial Garden and our future gardens will be built.

Giving Thanks 

Refreshing the Spirit

Appreciating Little Things 

Thinking Positively 

Identifying Goodness 

Treasuring Each Moment 

Uniting in Kindness 

Delighting in Laughter 

Expressing Joy