C Magazine Spring/Summer 2019


Founder/Executive Director Sean Brennan Interviewed for C Magazine

Sean spoke to Community Access’s C Magazine about his time attending and graduating from the Howie The Harp Advocacy Center and how his time with the program informs his work with Brain Food Garden Project.

October 4, 2018

Brain Food Garden Project Founder/Executive Director Sean Brennan delivers address, Setting Boundaries: Avoiding the Status Quo Vortex to the Howie The Harp Advocacy Center 2018 graduates at the NYU 

Founder and Executive Director Sean Brennan talks with World Dream Day/World Dream Week Creator Oziama Egwuonwu on the new Reimagine Podcast September 30, 2017

Founder and Executive Director Sean Brennan Meets NYC Mayor

Brain Food Garden Project Founder Sean Brennan meeting NYC Mayor de Blasio while he campaigned on August 27, 2017 in Forest Hills, Queens. an excellent opportunity to thank him for his administration's creating Thrive, NYC, working to end mental health stigma, supporting peer advocacy, and a chance to mention our work at BFGP.

Sean Brennan Selected As Queens Person of the Week