The Candor Report Podcast


The Hosts

Sharon Simon

Comedian, Producer, Vegan, Mental Health Peer Advocate, Wedding Officiant, Animal Activist, Thriving with Borderline Personality Disorder


Sean Brennan

Founder/Executive Director Brain Food Garden Project, Omnivore, Mental Health Peer Advocate, Food Policy Wonk, Queer Urban Farmer, Food Justice Crusader, Thriving with Manic Depression


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The Candor Report started as a Brain Food Garden Project social media hashtag #CandorSavesLives in 2015 as a means for peers living with mental health concerns to bust stigma and share their wellness tools and mental health stories with each other. This informational podcast will create an honest dialogue intersecting the Mental Health and Food Justice communities. Promoting a peer centric view on how gardening and making healthier food choices advance transformational healing. The program starts with the “Digging Deep“ segment where the hosts break down the mental health and Food Justice hot topics of the day. During the second segment of each show, ”Candid Chat,” the hosts interview a guest who are experts in their fields, ranging from Mental Health Peer Advocates, Mental Health/Horticultural Therapists, Chefs, to Food Justice Advocates, Farmers and Urban Gardeners, Politicians, Thought Leaders, Neuroscientists and more. Each show concludes with the hosts asking the guest(s) of the day a random selection of rapid fire questions from our “Candor Questionnaire,” our homage to the famous Proust Questionnaire.

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Merging Grassroots Forces: Mental Health & Food Justice

Episode 1

Guests: Celia Brown & Hillary Lindsay

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production

The Candor Report

The Food & Beverage Industry: A Need for Mental Health First Aid

Episode 2

Guest: Chef Annette Tomei

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production 

The Candor Report

World Food Day: Celebrating the Healing Power of Food

Episode 3

Guest: Claire Hartten 

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production 

The Candor Report

Integrative Medicine: Awakening the Medical Model to Person Centered Recovery

Episode 4

Guests: Melissa Olson &  Erica Christensen 

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production

The Candor Report

Peer to Peer: A Conversation With Our Movements Most Transformational Leader

Episode 5

Guest: Lyle Schmerz

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production

The Candor Report

Healing Voices:  A Different Perspective on Hearing Outside of Ourselves

Episode 6

Guest: Heather Carlucci 

A BFGP/Simon Says Laugh Production

The Candor Report